My Favourite Game – Seven Years On

Seven years ago, I eagerly awaited the release of The Last of Us. A game I had stumbled across six months prior to release, as I endlessly scrolled through YouTube on my Mum’s desktop. Watching the gameplay for The Hotel level, I was struck by something about this game instantly. Was it it’s apocalyptic setting?Continue reading “My Favourite Game – Seven Years On”

My Thoughts on The Last of Us HBO Series

So, something pretty big happened the other day. After years of silence regarding the film adaptation of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece The Last of Us, HBO shone a light in the dark with the announcement that they will be developing the television adaptation of the game. Now this is huge news for fans of the game,Continue reading “My Thoughts on The Last of Us HBO Series”

A Decade of Gaming

As the mania of Christmas has died down and the new year bells are upon us, I have begun working hard trying to squeeze in my gifted games for the year before being thrust back into work. Already struggling before the first proper boss in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice and preparing myself for the weirdnessContinue reading “A Decade of Gaming”