Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy Review

Lightsabers, blasters, droids and the force are synonymous with pop-culture thanks to Star Wars. It is a franchise that seems impossible to be unaware of, especially since Disney took the reigns with its $4 billion dollar deal. Across nine films, I finally finished my Star Wars journey with the conclusion of the sequel trilogy inContinue reading “Star Wars: The Sequel Trilogy Review”

Revisited: Star Wars: The Original Trilogy Review

Star Wars is one of, if not the biggest franchise in the world, and it all stemmed from an $11 million space opera in 1977. My big fear revisiting this revered trilogy, especially after the fiasco of the prequels, was how well they had aged, and if they were as good I remembered. I foundContinue reading “Revisited: Star Wars: The Original Trilogy Review”

Jedi: Fallen Order Review

Last month I eagerly awaiting the release of Death Stranding, yet just one week after its release, Jedi: Fallen Order swooped in and stole my attention – a game I had no intention of even purchasing in the first place. For the past month, I have not gone back to Death Stranding, as I painfullyContinue reading “Jedi: Fallen Order Review”

Revisited: Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy Review

Star Wars is a multigenerational property, so as The Rise of Skywalker heads to cinemas in a week or so, I decided to start the Star Wars journey with the films that were released when I was a child. As twisted as it may seem to some, when I think of lightsabers, stormtroopers, and spaceContinue reading “Revisited: Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy Review”