I’m A Slave To The Battle Pass

Across the past decade microtransactions have gradually permeated their way into about every facet of gaming culture. Loot boxes, skins packs, and bonus DLC. For the most part I’ve prided myself as someone who saves those precious pounds, and rarely looks twice at some fancy new skin. In fact, for the longest time I quietlyContinue reading “I’m A Slave To The Battle Pass”

Jedi: Fallen Order Review

Last month I eagerly awaiting the release of Death Stranding, yet just one week after its release, Jedi: Fallen Order swooped in and stole my attention – a game I had no intention of even purchasing in the first place. For the past month, I have not gone back to Death Stranding, as I painfullyContinue reading “Jedi: Fallen Order Review”