A Different Kind of “Console War”

The Console War of 2020 hasn’t quite shaped up to be what I, or many others were expecting, but less than two months away from launch it seems things are finally starting to spice up. The Console War could easily wag its finger at COVID-19 for its seeming lack of fire, but it’s suffice toContinue reading “A Different Kind of “Console War””

Xbox Series X & S Price Reveal.

Leaked out of rumour, Xbox unveiled the official pricing and release date of their Xbox Series S, followed quickly by its technical big brother, The Series X earlier today. The mainline Series X comes in at an expected £449, but the real surprise is its digital counterpart, the Series S which low-balled all expectation withContinue reading “Xbox Series X & S Price Reveal.”

Halo Infinite And Tempering Expectation for Next-Gen.

Last week during the 2020 Xbox showcase, nine minutes of gameplay for the upcoming and next-gen title Halo Infinite was released. However, this wasn’t just our first look at a new Halo. It was also our first extended look at actual next generation gameplay. However, if after the event you were scrolling through Twitter likeContinue reading “Halo Infinite And Tempering Expectation for Next-Gen.”