Nolan In-Review: Dunkirk

Nolan’s most recent outings to cinemas was one that sadly missed the mark for me. The prospect of the man that took on Batman, space, the mind, and even magic, suddenly turning his attention to World War Two was intriguing to say the least. However, my curiosity was met with an uneasy sense of disappointment.Continue reading “Nolan In-Review: Dunkirk”

Nolan In-Review: Interstellar

Nolan’s most out-there project was one that failed to inspire excitement in me upon its initial reveal. Not only that, it failed to ignite any excitement in me in the theatre as I watched it for the first time. “Overlong!” I cried. “Contrived.” I moaned. “An exposition dump”, I critiqued. All of which remain validContinue reading “Nolan In-Review: Interstellar”

Nolan In-Review: The Dark Knight Rises

It was 2012 when I sat watching a live-stream of The Dark Knight Rises red carpet premiere in my cosy lodge on a family holiday in Aviemore. Since being blown away by The Dark Knight, I was ecstatic at the thought of finally seeing this film – which was the first true “last in franchise”Continue reading “Nolan In-Review: The Dark Knight Rises”

Nolan In-Review: Inception

In dreams the passage of time is different. Five minutes in the real world, is an hour in the dream. I feel like I have experienced the inverse of this since it has apparently been a staggering ten years since Christopher Nolan’s Inception was released – and it hasn’t aged a day. It was hardContinue reading “Nolan In-Review: Inception”

Nolan In-Review: The Dark Knight

What is there to be said about The Dark Knight that hasn’t already been said? Nolan’s magnum opus. A how-to of dark takes on superheroes. Heath Ledger’s performance. Monologues for days. One of the greatest films ever made? The Dark Knight feels like the result of a studio handing Nolan a butt-load of money withContinue reading “Nolan In-Review: The Dark Knight”

Nolan In-Review: The Prestige

After tackling The Dark Knight, Nolan was ready to get a whole load darker with his 19th century tale of opposing magicians. Starting with an ominous shot of a deluge of top hats scattered across a forest setting, The Prestige immediately feels like that perfect meeting point of both the narrative experience of his earlierContinue reading “Nolan In-Review: The Prestige”

Nolan In-Review: Insomnia

Opening up to the sweeping vistas of Alaska, Christopher Nolan’s third dive into theatres is almost entirely unrecognisable as a Nolan film. But do not take this as a callous scathing of his one and only attempt at a detective murder mystery, as what remains outside his eventual reputation is something dark, entertaining, if aContinue reading “Nolan In-Review: Insomnia”