The Haunting of Bly Manor Review

Horror is not my strong suit. I have never been a massive fan of peering through my fingers to watch atrocious acts played out on film, and I have always questioned those that are drawn to that kind of viewing experience. However, every now and then horror manages to pierce through that fear and discomfort,Continue reading “The Haunting of Bly Manor Review”

Ozark Season 3 Review

Netflix’s best show is back and better than ever(?). If you read my list of top ten anticipated TV shows of 2020, you’ll know Ozark was sitting humbly at the top of that list. The perfect blend of drama and thriller, taken with the right amount of seriousness, a dash of realist violence and aContinue reading “Ozark Season 3 Review”

Marriage Story Review

How can you remove someone that has become synonymous with you and your life? Someone so interwoven that is seems impossible to separate without making some form of mess. This very question runs through Noah Baumbach’s simultaneously heart-breaking and heart-warming love story wrapped in a divorce. Marriage Story takes it time to really tell usContinue reading “Marriage Story Review”

Top Five Most Anticipated TV Shows of the Year!

I’ve mentioned before and I’ll definitely mention again, but we are in the midst of the greatest era of television ever. Everywhere we look there are new, exciting and high-quality shows. Streaming platforms are fighting over our wallets, and successfully doing so with some killer series. Sadly, I only managed around thirteen shows last year,Continue reading “Top Five Most Anticipated TV Shows of the Year!”