Nolan In-Review: Dunkirk

Nolan’s most recent outings to cinemas was one that sadly missed the mark for me. The prospect of the man that took on Batman, space, the mind, and even magic, suddenly turning his attention to World War Two was intriguing to say the least. However, my curiosity was met with an uneasy sense of disappointment.Continue reading “Nolan In-Review: Dunkirk”

Nolan In-Review: Interstellar

Nolan’s most out-there project was one that failed to inspire excitement in me upon its initial reveal. Not only that, it failed to ignite any excitement in me in the theatre as I watched it for the first time. “Overlong!” I cried. “Contrived.” I moaned. “An exposition dump”, I critiqued. All of which remain validContinue reading “Nolan In-Review: Interstellar”