My Thoughts on The Last of Us HBO Series

So, something pretty big happened the other day. After years of silence regarding the film adaptation of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece The Last of Us, HBO shone a light in the dark with the announcement that they will be developing the television adaptation of the game. Now this is huge news for fans of the game,Continue reading “My Thoughts on The Last of Us HBO Series”

HBO’s Watchmen Review

Who watches the Watchmen? The unadaptable has been adapted once again, with Alan Moore’s critically acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen blessing our television in the form of HBO’s “not a sequel” sequel. This was one the most anticipated shows of last year, and it did not let down across its eight-episode run. Set near forty yearsContinue reading “HBO’s Watchmen Review”

Top Five Most Anticipated TV Shows of the Year!

I’ve mentioned before and I’ll definitely mention again, but we are in the midst of the greatest era of television ever. Everywhere we look there are new, exciting and high-quality shows. Streaming platforms are fighting over our wallets, and successfully doing so with some killer series. Sadly, I only managed around thirteen shows last year,Continue reading “Top Five Most Anticipated TV Shows of the Year!”