Nolan In-Review: The Dark Knight Rises

It was 2012 when I sat watching a live-stream of The Dark Knight Rises red carpet premiere in my cosy lodge on a family holiday in Aviemore. Since being blown away by The Dark Knight, I was ecstatic at the thought of finally seeing this film – which was the first true “last in franchise”Continue reading “Nolan In-Review: The Dark Knight Rises”

Nolan In-Review: The Dark Knight

What is there to be said about The Dark Knight that hasn’t already been said? Nolan’s magnum opus. A how-to of dark takes on superheroes. Heath Ledger’s performance. Monologues for days. One of the greatest films ever made? The Dark Knight feels like the result of a studio handing Nolan a butt-load of money withContinue reading “Nolan In-Review: The Dark Knight”

Nolan In-Review: The Prestige

After tackling The Dark Knight, Nolan was ready to get a whole load darker with his 19th century tale of opposing magicians. Starting with an ominous shot of a deluge of top hats scattered across a forest setting, The Prestige immediately feels like that perfect meeting point of both the narrative experience of his earlierContinue reading “Nolan In-Review: The Prestige”