The Boys Season 2 Review

How do you top the most addictive, violent, and utterly insane show of 2019? More violence? More insanity? It is true that the second season of The Boys certainly has those elements, with absolutely no aversion to coating its cast in copious amounts of goopy blood. But with a lacking assuredness of its anti-superhero satireContinue reading “The Boys Season 2 Review”

Top Five Most Anticipated TV Shows of the Year!

I’ve mentioned before and I’ll definitely mention again, but we are in the midst of the greatest era of television ever. Everywhere we look there are new, exciting and high-quality shows. Streaming platforms are fighting over our wallets, and successfully doing so with some killer series. Sadly, I only managed around thirteen shows last year,Continue reading “Top Five Most Anticipated TV Shows of the Year!”

Jack Ryan Season 2 Review

Jack Ryan returns, swapping destitute deserts for dense jungles, and bringing with it a more action packed, and Ryan-centric season. Season two of Jack Ryan immediately feels like it has put its big boy pants on. Where the first season on occasion felt like a B-list American show, season two is bigger, better and feelsContinue reading “Jack Ryan Season 2 Review”