My Thoughts on Dexter’s Return.

A long time ago, Dexter was one of the only shows I cared about. While it may not grab the title of my first TV love – that title goes to Lost – for a spell Dexter dominated my free time as I feverishly blasted my way through its first few season. Yet as theContinue reading “My Thoughts on Dexter’s Return.”

The Haunting of Bly Manor Review

Horror is not my strong suit. I have never been a massive fan of peering through my fingers to watch atrocious acts played out on film, and I have always questioned those that are drawn to that kind of viewing experience. However, every now and then horror manages to pierce through that fear and discomfort,Continue reading “The Haunting of Bly Manor Review”

The Boys Season 2 Review

How do you top the most addictive, violent, and utterly insane show of 2019? More violence? More insanity? It is true that the second season of The Boys certainly has those elements, with absolutely no aversion to coating its cast in copious amounts of goopy blood. But with a lacking assuredness of its anti-superhero satireContinue reading “The Boys Season 2 Review”

Devs Review

In an age where Westworld extends its sci-fi borders beyond the reaches of its park, it is the quiet and subdued sci-fi Devs that truly captured my imagination. Alex Garland, who by this point is no stranger to the genre, takes his third directorial effort to television, in the form of his eight-part miniseries. IContinue reading “Devs Review”

What I Watched… In March

Oh, what a time to be a film buff. The cinemas have shut, countless films with imminent releases delayed, and even projects yet to start production have been delayed even further. The Coronavirus pandemic has permeated its way through every facet of the film industry, and it has left me desperate for a trip toContinue reading “What I Watched… In March”

Ozark Season 3 Review

Netflix’s best show is back and better than ever(?). If you read my list of top ten anticipated TV shows of 2020, you’ll know Ozark was sitting humbly at the top of that list. The perfect blend of drama and thriller, taken with the right amount of seriousness, a dash of realist violence and aContinue reading “Ozark Season 3 Review”

My Thoughts on The Last of Us HBO Series

So, something pretty big happened the other day. After years of silence regarding the film adaptation of Naughty Dog’s masterpiece The Last of Us, HBO shone a light in the dark with the announcement that they will be developing the television adaptation of the game. Now this is huge news for fans of the game,Continue reading “My Thoughts on The Last of Us HBO Series”

What I Watched… In February.

A week into March seems like the perfect time to cast my mind back and let you all in on what I’ve been spending my precious free time watching in February. With the change of my reviewing style, I’m claiming it to be resourcefulness, as my time writing reviews has limited itself since I startedContinue reading “What I Watched… In February.”

HBO’s Watchmen Review

Who watches the Watchmen? The unadaptable has been adapted once again, with Alan Moore’s critically acclaimed graphic novel Watchmen blessing our television in the form of HBO’s “not a sequel” sequel. This was one the most anticipated shows of last year, and it did not let down across its eight-episode run. Set near forty yearsContinue reading “HBO’s Watchmen Review”