A Different Kind of “Console War”

The Console War of 2020 hasn’t quite shaped up to be what I, or many others were expecting, but less than two months away from launch it seems things are finally starting to spice up. The Console War could easily wag its finger at COVID-19 for its seeming lack of fire, but it’s suffice toContinue reading “A Different Kind of “Console War””

I’ve Got Beef With MCU Post-Credits Scenes

It’s a Tuesday night and I am chuckling my way through Marvel/Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home in-between shovels of Cool Doritos. Being my third viewing, I was reminded of its pedigree as a simplistic “fun time” that, while still following the basic formula of nearly every other MCU outings, has a unique sense of personalityContinue reading “I’ve Got Beef With MCU Post-Credits Scenes”

I Can’t Stop Thinking About That Dune Trailer.

I wasn’t going to type up any kind of article on the latest Dune trailer, but four days on from its momentous release, on a quiet Sunday night I find my mind flitting to all 185 seconds of its sandy glory. Maybe it was Oscar Isaac in all his chiselled perfection. Perhaps Denis Villeneuve’s nameContinue reading “I Can’t Stop Thinking About That Dune Trailer.”

Marvel’s Avengers Early Impressions

Back when in-person conferences were a thing, Square Enix revealed Marvel’s Avengers, a video game with a torn personality. SE promised that the game would focus on story, with the apparent demise of Captain America, yet kept throwing words around like multiplayer, character progression, and weekly challenges. To me, it raised some warning flags. MyContinue reading “Marvel’s Avengers Early Impressions”

Xbox Series X & S Price Reveal.

Leaked out of rumour, Xbox unveiled the official pricing and release date of their Xbox Series S, followed quickly by its technical big brother, The Series X earlier today. The mainline Series X comes in at an expected £449, but the real surprise is its digital counterpart, the Series S which low-balled all expectation withContinue reading “Xbox Series X & S Price Reveal.”

Nolan In-Review: Dunkirk

Nolan’s most recent outings to cinemas was one that sadly missed the mark for me. The prospect of the man that took on Batman, space, the mind, and even magic, suddenly turning his attention to World War Two was intriguing to say the least. However, my curiosity was met with an uneasy sense of disappointment.Continue reading “Nolan In-Review: Dunkirk”

Nolan In-Review: Interstellar

Nolan’s most out-there project was one that failed to inspire excitement in me upon its initial reveal. Not only that, it failed to ignite any excitement in me in the theatre as I watched it for the first time. “Overlong!” I cried. “Contrived.” I moaned. “An exposition dump”, I critiqued. All of which remain validContinue reading “Nolan In-Review: Interstellar”

Nolan In-Review: The Dark Knight Rises

It was 2012 when I sat watching a live-stream of The Dark Knight Rises red carpet premiere in my cosy lodge on a family holiday in Aviemore. Since being blown away by The Dark Knight, I was ecstatic at the thought of finally seeing this film – which was the first true “last in franchise”Continue reading “Nolan In-Review: The Dark Knight Rises”

Nolan In-Review: Inception

In dreams the passage of time is different. Five minutes in the real world, is an hour in the dream. I feel like I have experienced the inverse of this since it has apparently been a staggering ten years since Christopher Nolan’s Inception was released – and it hasn’t aged a day. It was hardContinue reading “Nolan In-Review: Inception”