Resident Evil 3 Review

My first exposure to the Resident Evil franchise was in the seventh game, Biohazard, which I played to completion in VR. A completely captivating and horrifying experience, that really hooked me to the franchise. I had heard rumblings of the classics, where the franchise went wrong and so on, yet as Capcom seemed set onContinue reading “Resident Evil 3 Review”

The Haunting of Bly Manor Review

Horror is not my strong suit. I have never been a massive fan of peering through my fingers to watch atrocious acts played out on film, and I have always questioned those that are drawn to that kind of viewing experience. However, every now and then horror manages to pierce through that fear and discomfort,Continue reading “The Haunting of Bly Manor Review”

The Boys Season 2 Review

How do you top the most addictive, violent, and utterly insane show of 2019? More violence? More insanity? It is true that the second season of The Boys certainly has those elements, with absolutely no aversion to coating its cast in copious amounts of goopy blood. But with a lacking assuredness of its anti-superhero satireContinue reading “The Boys Season 2 Review”

Cinema Is Starving, But It Isn’t Dead.

While at work the other day, I received a message which would send me reeling for the rest of my shift – in fact, the rest of the day. It read “Cineworld to shut all 128 of its cinemas”. It was a sort of message that felt utterly expected yet shocking all the same. CineworldContinue reading “Cinema Is Starving, But It Isn’t Dead.”

The Importance of Twitter From A Games Journalist’s Perspective.

This time last year I was sitting down to a series of lectures in a Masters in Broadcast Journalism – a course I wouldn’t complete. Despite dropping out, my four months in the course were incredibly informative and gave me the confidence to pursue this career off my own back. But during one of theContinue reading “The Importance of Twitter From A Games Journalist’s Perspective.”

I’m A Slave To The Battle Pass

Across the past decade microtransactions have gradually permeated their way into about every facet of gaming culture. Loot boxes, skins packs, and bonus DLC. For the most part I’ve prided myself as someone who saves those precious pounds, and rarely looks twice at some fancy new skin. In fact, for the longest time I quietlyContinue reading “I’m A Slave To The Battle Pass”

Reconnecting With Video Games Through Twitch

I recently checked something off my “To Do” list that has been laying dormant on there for quite some time. With a more professional set up finally available, and a hesitant sense of confidence, I decided to final start streaming on Twitch. Setting up what is essentially a live broadcast form of entertainment, it canContinue reading “Reconnecting With Video Games Through Twitch”

The Callousness of Se7en

There has always been an opinionated criticism of David Fincher’s work, as a man that often deals a cold hand when concerning emotionality. Film like The Social Network, Gone Girl, and The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo are perfect examples of the narrative remaining primary over characters. This is in no way a harsh critique,Continue reading “The Callousness of Se7en”

A Different Kind of “Console War”

The Console War of 2020 hasn’t quite shaped up to be what I, or many others were expecting, but less than two months away from launch it seems things are finally starting to spice up. The Console War could easily wag its finger at COVID-19 for its seeming lack of fire, but it’s suffice toContinue reading “A Different Kind of “Console War””

I’ve Got Beef With MCU Post-Credits Scenes

It’s a Tuesday night and I am chuckling my way through Marvel/Sony’s Spider-Man: Far From Home in-between shovels of Cool Doritos. Being my third viewing, I was reminded of its pedigree as a simplistic “fun time” that, while still following the basic formula of nearly every other MCU outings, has a unique sense of personalityContinue reading “I’ve Got Beef With MCU Post-Credits Scenes”