About Me.

A freelance journalist specialising in film, television, and video game content.

My name is Aaron and I am a freelance journalist with work found across Haywire Magazine, JumpCut Play, and BBC The Social Gaming.

With an Honours degree in Filmmaking and Screenwriting, and training in Broadcast Journalism, I specialise in analytical video content, and features work across film, television and video games.


Video-based content production.

Presenting, Hosting and Narration.


Video Editing – Premiere Pro.

Media Reviews.

Critical Film and Gaming Analysis.

Freelance (2020 – Present)

I began freelancing in early 2020, and I am eager to expand and progress my portfolio.

BBC The Social Gaming

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Haywire Magazine

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Watch, Play, Type

This is my personal film and gaming blog, where I post reviews, opinion articles and occasionally news pieces.

The Film Aspect

This is my podcast, which I co-host with a friend. We talk all things film, from director filmographies to cinematic deep dives.

A Bit About Me

Trying to keep things simple, I strive to work as a journalist/critic in films, TV and video games.

I studied film for four years and came out with a 2:1 Honours degree in Film making and Screenwriting, with a love for video editing (Premiere Pro) and a plethora of short films, documentaries, music videos and even a wedding video under my belt. I never missed a deadline and never failed an assignment.

Coming out of my course, I became disenfranchised with film making, yet still felt that I had my tuppence worth to say about almost every bit of media I consumed. For my formative years as teenager I of course was a massive fan of film, television – when it decided to become good – and videogames – which dominated a lot of my free time. As a semi-adult at 23, I try and see every new major release at the cinema, have constantly got at least one TV show on the go and a backed up list of videogames to I’ve yet to play.

Eventually I decided to go for it, and spent four months studying Broadcast Journalism at Masters level. Those few months were incredibly informative, and they encouraged me to finally start my own film blog. However, as I began to see more clearly the kind of work I wanted to do, I felt I was being side-lined by the constant barrage of politics essays and news packages, none of which I could tailor to the kind of portfolio I needed to attain. So, after taking interrupted study from the course to focus my portfolio on the kind of work I wanted to make, I had three focused areas of work: Written; Audio; and Video.

Across these three key areas, I have built up various forms of experience. For audio, I started a film podcast named “The Film Aspect”, which now release bi-weekly, and while still small recently passed 650 listens! My written portfolio has continued to grow with my film and gaming blog (Watch, Play, Type) surpassing seventy articles, a few months writing list-based articles for WhatCulture.com which collectively attained over 750,000 page views, and a few features published on Haywire Magazine, The Film Magazine and JumpCut Play. And finally, video work has seen a concentration from Twitch streaming and analytical gaming videos on BBC The Social.

Through my time in university and freelance work, I have worked to tight deadlines; tamed out of control egos; worked alone; worked as part of a team; become adaptable to varying roles; gracefully taken on harsh criticism; and I’ve done it all without raising my voice once! I try my best to have a positive, professional and efficient approach to all working environments and scenarios. I am punctual, hard-working and a friendly personality – or so I’ve been told.

A job as a Film/TV/Video game journalism is something I want to achieve in 2020, even to the slightest degree, and is something that for now and for the unforeseeable future, I am certifiably obsessed with.

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