About Me.

A freelance multi-media journalist specialising in video game content.

My name is Aaron and I am a freelance multi-media journalist with work found across Techradar, The Sixth Axis, and BBC The Social Gaming.

Specialising in video game coverage, I have experience in news and guides writing, reviews, features, podcasting, and video production and presenting.


Junior Researcher- BBC The Social – April 2020 – Present.

  • As a Junior Researcher, I edit a diverse range of video content for BBC The Social. On any given week I will edit comedy, lifestyle, gaming videos and more. I also prepare each video for different platforms such as Instagram, Facebook and the BBC website, and produce a thumbnail for every platform the video is published on.

Digital Content Assistant – JumpCut Play – April 2021 – Present.

  • I co-produce and manage JumpCut PLAY’s YouTube content, covering weekly discussion videos, reviews, let’s plays, interviews and list-based videos. Since the channel’s launch in January, between myself, Content Curator Kyle Gaffney and EIC Sam Comrie we have produced around 50 videos, and climbed above 5000 channel views.

Contributor – Game Skinny – May 2021 – Present

  • I write a variety of articles types for the site including news, reviews, listicles and guides.

Freelance News Writer – Thumbsticks – February 2021 – Present.

  • I write up clear and concise news articles in a time-efficient manner, covering a range of topics from game reveals to new gaming-related business announcements. Between news articles I also write features and reviews.


Video-based content production.

Features Writing

Presenting, Hosting and Narration.


Podcast Production

News Writing

Video Editing – Premiere Pro.

Media Reviews.

Critical Film and Gaming Analysis.

Guides Writing

You can find examples of my written, video and podcasted work below.


I have experience in news, guides, features, reviews and interviews, with an adoration for exploring film and video games in a more serious light.

Podcast Hosting and Production.

I fell in love with podcasting after launching The Film Aspect in February of 2020. From planning out episodes months in advance to organising guests, editing on Adobe Audition to just losing myself in a conversation about a topic.

Talking Games with Bayne

The Film Aspect

Video Production and Presenting.

I have experience self-shooting and presenting across news-styled packages and music videos (and even a wedding video for good measure). I specialise however, in video editing, with over five years experience using Premiere Pro, and proficient skills on the remaining Adobe Suite.

JumpCut Play – Editing, Narration, Presenting.

BBC The Social Gaming – Camera, Editing, Presenting

The Ranzas – Money Music Video – Camera, Editing

The Ranzas – Bruises (Cover) – Editing, Colour Grading

An Inside Look: Life of a YouTuber – Graphics

Physical vs. Digital Game Sales – Camera, Editing, Presenting, Graphics


The Stories That Made Us: The Last of Us Part 2, Atlanta and American Beauty with Aaron Bayne.

PLAYCast 15# Road to GTA VI

PLAYCast 13# The Return of Stealth + Interview with Ryan Brown (Super Rare Games)

Dorrani Mischief. Immortals Fenyx Rising Review Discussion.

PLAYCast 10# Watch Dogs Legion / Black Ops Cold War

A Bit About Me

Trying to keep things simple, for the past year I have steadily built a portfolio to launch my career as a video games journalist.

After four years in University I came out with a 2:1 Honours degree in Film making and Screenwriting, with a love for video editing (Premiere Pro) and a plethora of short films, documentaries, music videos and even a wedding video under my belt. I never missed a deadline and never failed an assignment.

Coming out of my course, however, I became disenfranchised with film making, yet still felt that I had my tuppence worth to say about almost every bit of media I consumed. For my formative years as teenager I of course was a massive fan of film, television – when it decided to become good – and videogames – which dominated a lot of my free time. As a semi-adult at 24, I tried to see every new major release at the cinema when they were open, have constantly got at least one TV show on the go and a backed up list of videogames I’ve yet to play.

Eventually I decided to go for it, and spent four months studying Broadcast Journalism at Masters level. Those few months were incredibly informative, and they encouraged me to finally start my own film and gaming blog. However, as I began to see more clearly the kind of work I wanted to do, I felt I was being side-lined by the constant barrage of politics essays and news packages, none of which I could tailor to the kind of portfolio I needed to attain. So, after taking interrupted study from the course to focus my portfolio on the kind of work I wanted to make, I had three focused areas of work: Written; Audio; and Video.

Across these three key areas, I have built up various forms of experience. For audio, I started a film podcast named “The Film Aspect”, which now release bi-weekly, and while still small recently passed 1400 listens! My written portfolio has continued to grow with my film and gaming blog (Watch, Play, Type) surpassing seventy articles, a few months writing list-based articles for WhatCulture.com which collectively attained over 750,000 page views, and eventually features published on Thumbsticks, Haywire Magazine, The Film Magazine and JumpCut Play. On video form, I have experience Twitch streaming, producing video reviews with JumpCut Play, and presenting in analytical gaming videos for BBC The Social – some of which have featured on the BBC Homepage.

Through my time in university and freelance work, I have worked to tight deadlines; tamed out of control egos; worked alone; worked as part of a team; become adaptable to varying roles; gracefully taken on harsh criticism; and I’ve done it all whilst holding down a part time job during a pandemic! I try my best to have a positive, professional and efficient approach to all working environments and scenarios. I am punctual, hard-working and a friendly personality – or so I’ve been told.

A job as a games journalist is something I will achieve, and as I persistently chip away with new experiences and a bulkier portfolio, it has become entirely gratifying to realise that this profession is my passion. This is what makes me get up early in the morning and stay up late at night, furiously tapping away on my keyboard.

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