Why So Quiet?

Happy New Year and long time no see! I was ashamed to take a look at that last post to discover is had been nearly three months since I last typed up any kind of content for this site, and I thought I’d give a quick update as to why things have been quiet here.

I have adored writing for this blog, as it was the true starting place for my journalism career (if you could call it that yet). And after months and months of hard grafting, between October and Christmas became the busiest I have ever been, with a few opportunities and projects arising, some off my own back.

I managed to get my hands on my first early review copy of a game which I reviewed for BBC The Social, which led to some incredibly tight and intense gaming sessions – staring at screen for 16 hours a day really isn’t good for you, huh? I started writing features for a fantastic site called JumpCut Play, who let my thoughts spiral in topics like Prey, Season Passes and then even rant about DontNods’ Twin Mirror, as part of its review for their site. I then also dabbled in audio documentaries, releases two episodes of the egregiously titled Talking Games with Bayne, which I ended up being incredibly proud of, as it became a vehicle for me to talk to some amazing people about video games.

All of this culminated in a very well-deserved couple of weeks off over Christmas, but it also meant that the blog went on the backburner. As I filled my mornings, afternoons, evenings and even nights with a constant flow of work, my film watching slowed and completion rate of games went from about 10% to zero. And with that dried up my motivation to write here as freely as I try to.

Yet 2021 is the year of hope. I’ve chipped away a little more at my part-time day job, to commit more time to good ol’ journalism, and aim to stick to “office hours”. It will be an uphill battle, as the lacking social life in 2020, meant I could just work from the moment I woke till the moment I shut my eyes again. But after spending the best part of nine months doing that, it can be incredibly taxing, both mentally and physically, and I hope to look after both of those aspects of myself far better in 2021.

So, here I am at the point of this little update. I intend to continue posting articles, if a little less frequently, likely straying away from traditional reviews, to focus more on opinion pieces and random rants. This is what I’ve found myself enjoying the most on this blog, and I would like to establish this space for myself as one that encourages my free thought on film, television and game, rather that one structured for outsider criticism. That being said, if you think I’m talking bullshit or would like to counter (or agree) with something I have posted about, then feel free. If nothing else, I pursue film and games journalism because I adore having conversations and debates around those topics.

Anyway, thank you to anyone that has dropped by my little site, or has followed it. Sometimes my articles have been the spur of the moment thoughts, rapidly typed out at 4AM. Other times I have over deliberated on what kind of review it is. And for the longest time, I experimented with the writing style the articles would take – and this will likely continue to be the case. Yet regardless, the reasoning as to why they are typed up is the same as when I published my first post (a review of Ad Astra) – I just really fucking love the media I consume. Here’s to the New Year!

Published by Aaron Bayne

I’m a film and video games journalist based in Scotland. I write stuff about them on my website, talk about them on my podcasts and film videos about them for BBC The Social.

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