Xbox Series X & S Price Reveal.

Leaked out of rumour, Xbox unveiled the official pricing and release date of their Xbox Series S, followed quickly by its technical big brother, The Series X earlier today. The mainline Series X comes in at an expected £449, but the real surprise is its digital counterpart, the Series S which low-balled all expectation with a cool £250 price tag. Both versions of the console are set for release on the 10th of November.

The lower pricing for the digital Series S turned heads as its managed to keep the price of admission lower than that of the Nintendo Switch, which after three years still sits comfortably at £279. Reducing the pricing below £300 will likely be a nice and welcome surprise for many parents eyeing up that Christmas window, but Microsoft has placed a nice cherry on top with their finance options for both consoles.

Phenomenally, Microsoft has included the options to pay for the console over a 24-month finance deal, which will likely be a huge hit for anyone unwilling to fork out hundreds of pounds upon release. For the Series S the monthly fee is £20.99 and a slight bump to £28.99 for the Series X, but notably this deal also includes 2 years of Xbox Ultimate (both Xbox Live and Game Pass), sits at zero percent interest, and required no upfront payments. While monthly finance deals can be a risky endeavour, the inclusion of Ultimate means you are securing a bulky gaming entertainment system in a single monthly payment.

Of course, there will be games to buy, trade in and sell if you fork out for the Series X, which features a 4k disk drive, and 4K gaming over the capped 1440p and all digital Series S, yet Xbox are really hammering home on Game Pass, which despite already being a fantastic value for money, will now include EA Play (previous EA Access) for no additional fee. This means series like Battlefield, Titanfall, Need for Speed, and one-off titles such as A Way Out will now be added to a roster of games already hitting triple digits.

While the launch line-up is suffering, especially after the delay of Halo Infinite, Xbox’s vision for next gen is clear, concise, and reasonably priced. As the clock steadily ticks its way towards November, one’s mind has to wander to those offices at Sony. Are they reeling from being undercut price wise, or ready to play their well-timed hand? As a Sony fanboy this past generation, I am still eagerly awaiting Sony’s announcement for PS5 – something I have committed myself to regardless of any price reveal – but anyone sitting on the fence at this moment in time may be more inclined to go green with Xbox.

Published by Aaron Bayne

I’m a film and video games journalist based in Scotland. I write stuff about them on my website, talk about them on my podcasts and film videos about them for BBC The Social.

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