My Games of February

I am always eager to write reviews for videogames, as it is one of my biggest passions and I am playing them all the time. Only problem is, I rarely complete them. Whether it be due to their increasing playtimes or my staggeringly short attention span – which sees me flipping from game to game dependent on the most recent trailers and news – this shorter catch up on all the games I’ve been dipping in and out of seems like the most appropriate way to move forward.

March was an odd one, with me playing no new games; returning three times over to games into which I had already spent a substantial amount of time.

Battlefield V

Due to a new chapter staring in the Tides of War events, with my brother in tow, I dove back into the mania of Battlefield. I constantly feel the advocate for Battlefield V, defending and arguing its case when no one else will – even going to the extent of writing a list-based article for WhatCulture in where I debate ten reasons I believe the game is actually great.

Through its muddled launch, it lost a lot of players that it has failed to get back since. However, the game has been pumping out new content in the form of modes, maps, weapons and challenges. Not to mention its insanely fun gameplay, which undeniably delivers the most explosively immersive gameplay experience in the first-person shooter market.

With the new jungle map and weekly challenges, I’ve excitedly shot and blasted my way through the dense jungles, with are host to some brilliantly chaotic firefights – as a small riverside village reduced to rubble just five minutes into the match. While there is no real incentive to continue playing BfV, with the weapon and costume skins only offering up some tidbits, I find myself coming back time and time again, because I quite simply don’t have the same fun on any other multiplayer shooter. While the likes of Destiny offer adaptable gameplay, Battlefield has you smiling ear to ear as buildings collapse, tanks rip through, and you place the perfect dynamite charge – and all wrapped up in some of the best sound design to ever bless a game.

Resident Evil 2

Switching things up considerably, I spend a small portion of my time in March revisiting Resident Evil 2, in preparation for the upcoming third entry. Bought back in release last year, Resi 2 was one of, if not, my favourite game of 2019, with its stellar graphics, fantastic setting and tone, and its grizzly and crunchy gameplay loop. With Resi 7: Biohazard being my first experience of the franchise, I had a great time playing through the campaign of a game that I’ve heard referenced and glorified for years.

The biggest caveat to all of this is a stinker though. I never actually completed the Resi 2 campaign. I know, I know. Many of you will be thinking: how can his favourite game of the year be one he never even completed? The reason being: it just is. Through its atmosphere, the anxiety-inducing footdsteps of Mr. X, and some truly movie-esque moments as you creep through the zombie-ladled police precinct, Resi 2 became completely emblazoned in my mind.

So this month, I jumped back into the game to complete the Leon campaign, which coincidentally I was a mere 20 minutes away from before trading it in for another release. I have now set my sights on the Claire Redfield portion of the campaign, so I can confidently proclaim my love for Resi 2, and simultaneously prepare myself for the horrors that Nemesis will bestow upon me in April.

The Division 2

With the reveal of Warlords of New York (the first paid expansion for The Division 2), I found myself finally booting up a game I had sunk a mere 24 hours into upon its release. The Division 2 was dropped into the world, at the wrong time it would seem, as I was both neck deep in uni work and trying to work my way through a host of others games I had struggled to get around to, due to said uni. This just left The Division 2 behind in the dust, but this month I swept that dust off, and gave the game another go.

I was immediately back into the looter-shooter format, with a constantly updating gear and weapons set, and a map with more icons than I’d care to count. While never quite as fun as Destiny, The Division 2 still offers up some great cover-based shooter mechanics, with an increasing flexibility of character builds and a beautifully wrecked Washington D.C.

Whether I was playing with friends or on my own, I loved creeping my way closer to level thirty, and exploring the likes of The Dark Zone, and taking on control points I was vastly unequipped for. However, I often couldn’t help but wish that I was back in the snowy streets of New York. While it still looks great and has some great areas to explore, D.C. just doesn’t have the same iconic quality to it as its Manhattan counterpart – and I think that shows since the newest expansion is going back to its original setting.

Moving On

I like to think of myself as a rather eclectic gamer, as I switch from FPS games to third-person horror games. Even at the beginning of March I’ve switched most of the games of February for the hellishly underrated Factions mode on The Last of Us, and through my stint on Division, finally returned to Destiny 2 with Shadowkeep.

While I can never quite commit myself to any singular game, I just love to play them all, even if that means playing a little of everything – I mean, I’ve still to complete Red Dead 2.

As I have adapted my life around the idea of playing games and watching films to then write about them, I hope that I may be able to take that passion and commitment and funnel it through a single gaming experience, so I may finally write a proper review. But alas, that may be a story to tell in March. Who knows, I may complete Doom Eternal.

Published by Aaron Bayne

I’m a film and video games journalist based in Scotland. I write stuff about them on my website, talk about them on my podcasts and film videos about them for BBC The Social.

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