Top Five Most Anticipated TV Shows of the Year!

I’ve mentioned before and I’ll definitely mention again, but we are in the midst of the greatest era of television ever. Everywhere we look there are new, exciting and high-quality shows. Streaming platforms are fighting over our wallets, and successfully doing so with some killer series. Sadly, I only managed around thirteen shows last year, so I tactically decided to lower the number of shows in this list, because they can’t all be anticipated. So, get ready to Netflix and chill as I make my way through my shortened list of top five most anticipated shows of the 2020.


The Boys was the unexpected hit of last year, and frankly Amazon’s best original to date. This fantastically violent and hilarious anti-superhero caper really hit the spot in a market oversaturated with the genre. It was one of the few shows I binged through this year, and the fact that the second season is upon us so quickly means that a second binge session will need planning.


What We Do in the Shadows is one my favourite comedies in recent years, so when I heard of an American television adaptation was in development, I was entirely against it. It seemed like a cash-grab and something that would result in a sub-par and lifeless version of something great. I was whole-heartedly surprised and astounded however, on this show’s ability to bring the mockumentary style and awkward and cringey humour to the television adaptation to such great effect. I have been eagerly awaiting more, after I flew like a bat through the short and hilarious ten episodes.


This is classic HBO. A dark mystery whirling around the death of a child who’s suspected murderer was caught on CCTV both near the scene of the crime and 70 miles away at the same time. Jason Bateman and Ben Mendelsohn star in this Stephen King adaptation, which looks to be a nice blend of drama, mystery and possibly some devilish supernaturalism. Get ready to be disturbed…


Westworld is set to return in its most ambitious and intriguing season to date. *Spoiler Alert* Leaving the confines of the park into the big, bad, futuristic world which we have been painfully drip-fed details on since season one, this sci-fi adaptation could go anywhere. I look forward to exploring this new world, and my excitement only multiplies with Aaron Paul being a part of the main cast. Yeeeaaah, Sci-Fi Bitch!


Jason Bateman makes his second appearance on this list in the form of Ozark’s third season. The Byrd family are still pushing forward, trudging through the mud, getting deeper with each step – and already up to their necks. This suspenseful thriller has excelled with its short 20 episode two-season run, and isn’t just the best Netflix has to offer, but is one of the best ongoing shows to date.

With the way that many TV shows are announced and released so quickly, I eagerly await the surprises that 2020 holds. I have my fingers crossed that Donald Glover’s grounded surrealist comedy/drama Atlanta graces us with its third season this year, which would have featured on the list had its release date been announced. Regardless of what is released, I will curiously spectate the carnage as both Apple and Disney have their first big years in the streaming game, and to quote the wise words of the great Ken Watanabe: “Let them fight!”.

Published by Aaron Bayne

I’m a film and video games journalist based in Scotland. I write stuff about them on my website, talk about them on my podcasts and film videos about them for BBC The Social.

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